CMA (Certified Management Accountants)

CMA (Certified Management Accountants)

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) approves and adopts the contents of the 2 parts of the CMA exam and issues its results.


Teaching Hours

Exam Time & Format

CMA Part One :

90 Hours, 30 lectures.

4 hours (100 MCQs 3 hours)  and (2 essay questions 1 hour)

CMA Part Two :

66 Hours, 22 lectures.

Test Location: The CMA exam is held at AMIDEAST Center "Dokki – Egypt" under the IMA supervision.

CMA Curriculum

CMA Part. I “Financial Planning, Performance and Control”

» Financial Reporting [15% of CMA Part 1 Exam]
  • Unit 01:External Financial Statements and Revenue Recognition
  • Unit 02: Measurement. Valuation. And Disclosure: Investments and Short-term Items
  • Unit 03: Measurement. Valuation. And Disclosure: long-term Items
» Professional Ethics, Cost Management[20% of CMA Part 1 Exam]
  • Unit 04: Cost Management Concepts.
  • Unit 05: Cost Accumulation Systems.
  • Unit 06: Cost Allocation Techniques.
  • Unit 07: Operational Efficiency and Business Process Performance.
» Budgeting, and Forecasting Techniques[30% of CMA Part 1 Exam]
  • Unit 08: Analysis and Forecasting Techniques.
  • Unit 09: Budgeting Concepts, Budget Methodologies and Budget Preparation.
» Performance Management[20% of CMA Part 1 Exam]
  • Unit 10: Cost and Variance Measures.
  • Unit 11: Responsibility Accounting and Performance Measures.
» Internal Controls[15% of CMA Part 1 Exam]
  • Unit 12: Internal Control – Risk and Procedures for Control.
  • Unit 13: Internal Control – Internal Auditing and System Controls.

CMA Part. II “Financial Decision Making”

» Professional Ethics, Financial Statement Analysis[30% of CMA Part 2 Exam]
  • Unit 01: Ethics for the Organization and Basic Financial Statements.
  • Unit 02: Ratio Analysis.
  • Unit 03: Profitability Analysis and Analytical Issues.
» Corporate Finance[25% of CMA Part 2 Exam]
  • Unit 04: Investment Risk and Portfolio Management.
  • Unit 05: Financial Instruments and Cost of Capital.
  • Unit 06: Managing Current Assets.
  • Unit 07: Raising Capital, Corporate Restructuring, and International Finance.
» Decision Analysis and Risk Management[25% of CMA Part 2 Exam]
  • Unit 08: CVP Analysis and Marginal Analysis.
  • Unit 09: Decision Analysis and Risk Management.
» Investment Decisions [20% of CMA Part 2 Exam]
  • Unit 10: Investment Decisions.

How To Be CMA ?

The IMA’s Requirements for CMA Designations

The CMA designation is granted only by the IMA. Candidates must complete the following steps tobecome a CMA:

  1. Become a member of the IMA, enter the certification program, and register for the part(s)  you are going  to take. The CMA Review: A System for Success booklet contains concise  instructions on the membership and certification application and registration processes and  a useful worksheet to help you keep track of your process and organize what you need for exam day. Detailed instructions and screenshots for those steps can also be found at
  2.  Pass both parts of the exam within 3 years.
  3. Satisfy the education requirement.
  4. Satisfy the experience requirement.
  5. Comply with the IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

Upon completion of all requirements, the ICMA will issue a numbered CMA certificate. To keep the certificate, a CMA must (1) maintain active membership in the IMA and pay the annual CMA maintenance fee, (2) fulfill the requirements for continuing professional education, and (3) continue to comply with the IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice and all applicable state laws.

Windows / Exam Fees

1st  window: January, February
2nd window: May , June
3rd window: September, October

Exam Fees:

IMA Membership Fees: IMA membership is required for all CMA candidates. Fees for IMAmembers include a one-time membership application fee (for all new) and an annualmembership renewal fee. Members who have passed the CMA' exam will also need to pay an annual maintenance fee, due at the same time as the renewal fees.

  • Exam Fee (per part) :                         $415
  • Entrance Fee :                                       $240
  • Application Fee (paid once) :         $15
  • Membership (Annual renewal) :  $240

» This fee is applicable to candidates who reschedule/cancel their exam within 30 days of their appointment. Prior to 30 days, there is no penalty.

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