FAQ's For International Financial Reporting Standards

For whom the program designed?

Preparers and users of financial statements and information need to understand and apply international accounting and reporting standards ahead of and in the early stages of implementation. 

The impact of IFRS will not be restricted to accountants and will affect many sectors including banking, investment, commerce and industry. The program is suitable for those working in a wide range of financial roles.

How many levels the program consists of?

The Certificate level is the only stage to the IFRS learning and assessment program and is a comprehensive course requiring an estimated 70 hours of study to complete.

How do the learning materials add to the knowledge of the candidate?

The learning materials give an overview of the international standards in a user friendly way. They take the accounting-speak out of the standards and put them into general business language.

Why should I choose this program – how does it differ from others on the market?

IPA’s IFRS Certificate is one of the most comprehensive program available and is respected worldwide.

How can I purchase the learning materials?

The material is given free when you participate in our program.

Are there any taught programs or trainer-led sessions to prepare for the assessment?

To assist you in your studies, IPA labs provide you with exam bank and exam simulation.

You can take exam bank questions or exam bank simulation at any time through our Branches.

Where can I get the IASB (International Financial Reporting Standards 2019) publication?

You can request it from one of our Branches.

What is the IPA IFRS assessment format?

The assessment is computerized in out labs, you will have a limited time of 3 hours to complete the assessment consisting of 100 objective (multiple-choice) questions.

Where do I take the assessment?

The assessment is available through any of our Branches.

Is each assessment different?

Yes. The assessments use a bank of many hundreds of questions which are selected at random in relation to each of the IFRS standards.

What is the recommended study time?

An estimated total study time of 70 hours is required. Depending upon your current state of knowledge and experience, the course may take longer than this.

Is there a formal passing certificate or certificate of completion?

On successful completion of the IPA assessment, candidates will be able to printed certificate, which demonstrates successful completion of the program. Through one month.

Are the course contents relatively fixed? Given the course has been recently updated, if I take the course now, how likely the course being updated in the future?

The course contents are currently based upon the IASB's Stable Platform for 2005 updated to March 2009. That is, those standards and interpretations which are mandatory for periods beginning on or after six months. 

Is the IFRS certificate program offered by the IPA endorsed by the IASB?

The IASB is aware that a number of educational institutions and professional accountancy organizations are offering courses about IFRS. The IASB does not review the content of such courses, and is not able to recommend courses, or to comment on the quality of any courses offered.

What is the passing score?

The online assessment pass mark is 70%.

What can I do if I want to complain?

Any complaints should be forwarded to IFRS support team at 0110051950. Or ipa_technical_head@yahoo.com