PFA (Professional Financial Accountant)

PFA (Professional Financial Accountant)

The American Institute of Professional Accountants (AIPA) approves and adopts the contents of PFA exam and issues its results.

Teaching Hours
Exam Time & Format
48 Hours, 16 Lectures
3 Hours, 100 MCQs
Test Location: The PFA exam is held at IPA “Mohandseen Branch” [Egypt] Under the Supervision of AIPA.

PFA Curriculum

Chapter 01: Financial Accounting Basic Theory.
Chapter 02: Accounting Information System (AIS).
Chapter 03: Financial Statement.
Chapter 04: Cash and Receivables.
Chapter 05: Inventory.
Chapter 06: Property, Plant and Equipment.
Chapter 07: Current Liabilities.
Chapter 08: Revenue Recognition.
Chapter 09: Stockholders' Equity.
Chapter 10: Investments.

How To Be PFA ?

The PFA Requirements for AIPA Designations

You have to get at least a bachelor degree in accounting to be qualified to sit for the PFA exam.

Windows / Exam Fees

You can register for the PFA Exam at the date and time that you prefer

Exam Fees:

First Time Exam
Re- Exam
For IPA Candidates
100 L.E.
150 L.E.
For Non-IPA Candidates
200 L.E.
200 L.E.

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